Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Stories, New Sales, and the Baltimore Book Festival!

1. My short story "Super-Parents Last All Childhood Long" has just been posted at Daily Science Fiction for your non-subscriber reading pleasure. It's a tale of refrigerator parenting by actual appliances, and breaks my six and a half year streak between professional publications. (Although to be fair, there's an intentional hiatus in there.)

2. My experimental flash fiction piece "Thirty-Six Interrogatories Propounded by the Human-Powered Plasma Bomb in the Moments Before Her Imminent Detonation" was also just picked up by Daily Science Fiction, so look for that in the coming months.

3. Speaking of DSF yet again, they are currently holding a Kickstarter to fund the magazine through spring 2014 and keep it free to subscribers. I know a lot of people are Kickstartered out, but if you like the magazine and want to see more speculative flash fiction out there, consider donating or buying one of the books. DSF is a great magazine that publishes everyone from new writers to Nebula winners, and it's not just a flash magazine: longer stories are published every Friday. They publish everything from straight-ahead sci-fi to more literary/slipstream pieces to experimental stuff. So if you're not subscribed, go ahead and do that first, then consider donating to the Kickstarter. Thank you.

4. I will be at the Baltimore Book Festival, and will be speaking on several panels! Come to the SFWA tent in Mount Vernon, Baltimore City to hear me bloviate on:

Diversity in SF: The Protagonist Looks Like Me (Friday 9/27, 5:00 PM)

Come hear our authors discuss the portrayal of race, sexuality, gender, disability, and age in science fiction and fantasy. Is everyone represented? Whose stories are we telling? Whose are we missing? Join in the discussion and get recommendations of stories to read.

Other panelists: Don Sakers, Julie Czerneda, Cat Rambo, Peggy Rae Sapinoza (moderator)

The State of Short Fiction: From Pulps to Anthologies to Ezines (Sunday 9/29, 5:30 PM)

Join us to talk about the state of short fiction in fantasy and science fiction. Our panelists will discuss how it has changed over the years, what are the latest developments, and what stories they recommend. This is also a great panel for newcomers to the genre. If you haven't read science fiction or fantasy, short fiction is a good place to start. Come hear what's good, what's hot, and what's out there.

Other panelists: Rahul Kanakia, Don Sakers, Robin Sloan, Lawrence Connolly, Catherine Asaro (moderator)

And if those topics, and the rest of the programming, isn't enough to make you want to attend, can I remind you that one of the featured guests happens to be Brian Boitano?


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