Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've thought about starting a blog for a few years now, ever since my online journaling drug of choice, Livejournal, started to bleed users. I've registered a few names since then, but never could figure out how to start a site, generate readers, keep track of other blogs I read... pretty much every other type of "modern" blogging software is confusing to me as someone who has spent a third of their life (holy crap!) using LJ and similar sites. But times change, and I need to get with the program instead of hoping that everyone starts using LJ and olde-fashioned message boards again.

Anyway, my husband said I should start out the blog by listing all the non-blog stuff I do so that people can "recognize" me. My name is Erica, I run the comic and zine distro Black Light Diner, I write the zine Breakfast at Twilight (available at the aforementioned site), I write and sometimes publish short stories. I want to write more than I do, which is a common enough affliction. I live right outside Baltimore, MD, after living in Pittsburgh for the past five years and in southwestern Pennsylvania my entire life. I have three cats. I have ADHD, which I write about in my zine and might talk about here.

If I use this thing, that is! Blogs are strange to me but I am willing to learn.