Sunday, September 1, 2013

Writing Progress, Stories That Aren't Mine, PDX Trip!

Apparently I continue to crank out work to make up for the time I wasn't writing. I'm currently finishing up revisions on a novelette, which is the longest thing I've ever written that isn't a novel. Also have two short stories and several pieces of flash in the revision pile. So if you've been missing my posts here (which have never been very frequent to begin with), that is why.

If you like opera and/or Hungarian mythology, check out my friend Samantha Kymmell-Harvey's new story "Cadence" in Waylines Magazine! I'm sure this is only the first of many stories for Sam.

In non-writing news, I am thrilled beyond words to be traveling to the adultlescent dreamscape of Portland, Oregon next month. September 20-26, right after my birthday. Rob will be attending the Rose City Comic Con, and we will both be conducting more exploration of residential neighborhoods than one normally does on a vacation. Any tips on can't-miss sights? We already know about the Tardis Bar, the Lovecraft Bar, the Japanese Garden, Voodoo Donuts, and of course Powell's World of Books, surely one of the few destination book stores in the country. And I will of course be visiting a handful of zinester hubs, which I hope is okay considering I don't necessarily consider myself a zinester anymore. (But I don't NOT consider myself a zinester. It's complicated! I still love you, zine world, I just have so many hours in a day and I prefer to spend most of the free ones writing speculative fiction right now.)


  1. Only three days to go before the con, Erica. You must be excited.

    And good work on the novelette. Is it finished yet?

  2. Yep, but needs another pass from my in-house editor before it goes out into the world. Which means I probably can't submit it until I get back from PDX, but oh well.

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