Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Video Interviews!

This weekend I did two video interviews for the SFWA Fantasy Storybundle! In the first one I interview Sally Wiener Grotta, author of The Winter Boy, one of the twelve books in the Storybundle. And in the second I'm interviewed by Cat Rambo about Stay Crazy and short story writing. Features a special appearance by Rue the cat, who honestly waited as long as she could before trying to sit on my neck. Take a look, and make sure to check out the Storybundle! Twelve books, fifteen bucks, ends November 2nd.


  1. Awesome... this is my first time seeing them and I already like them!...I guess I'll go grab myself one of these books! OH and that cat is so Cuteeee! I have bunch of them at my place. Rue wanna join them?... hahaha NO I didn't kidnapped them! I don't know what you're talking about.

  2. She sees the characters in her novel as fully formed creations, and will sometimes write stories about them that aren't intended to be put in the novel, or used as stand-alone stories, at all.Such a nice video it is.

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