Thursday, July 28, 2016

Early STAY CRAZY reviews and weekend discount!

Some early reviews of Stay Crazy have come in, and they're good! Nebula-nominated author Beth Cato says:
"Stay Crazy is dark and intense sci-fi with a twist, in turns disturbing, amusing, and enlightening. It's not a book that fits into tidy genre boxes, so kudos to Apex for publishing a book that is that complicated--and good."

And over at 10 Bad Habits, Justin Howe writes:
"Overall it’s that mix of the weird and the downtrodden that makes Stay Crazy fun – maybe not ha-ha fun, but fun of a kind all the same. It would be a slipstream novel, except no one knows what Slipstream is. It could be science fiction or horror, except it’s not. It’s one of those weird novels that sits oddly in the joints between categories. Resume With Monsters mixed with Bubba Ho-Tep with some Kurt Vonnegut by way of Nick Mamatas added in. And that’s all great stuff. So if any of that sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to check it out, you’ll enjoy the trip."

 Also, from now through Monday, subscribers to the Apex newsletter can pre-order Stay Crazy or any other Apex title for 30% off, which means you can temporarily order it for only $11.17! Just use the discount code 2016bonus. And if you're not a subscriber to the Apex newsletter, why not? Sign up at the site!


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