Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Capclave 2013: Be There AND Be Square!

Portland posts are on hold while I wait for Rob to upload some more pictures to break up the massive text blocks of gushing appreciation for America's Hipster Heartland. Meanwhile, I'll be at Capclave this weekend (October 11-13), so come say hi if you are nice and cool and want to talk about crazy 1970s SF writing, bicycle rights, or fancy European board games. Not on any panels or doing a reading because you apparently need to register for panel gigs at SF cons five years in advance. I'm stoked about it since it's a con centered on short fiction (despite the fact that this year's GOH is George R.R. Martin), and that's kind of my thing. Getting in these East Coast cons while I can, I guess?

However, I was actually on my first (authorized) panels this year at the Baltimore Book Festival, talking about diversity and also about short fiction. It's weird, for someone who doesn't really enjoy speaking publicly, I loved being on panels, perhaps because you're not the center of attention, and also there's a lot more structure. Not doing a write up since Rob already did an excellent one which you can find here.

In writing news, finally dusting off the novel. Parts of it are much worse than I remembered. Parts of it are way better. They say the best thing you can do when you finish a novel is to put it in a drawer for at least six months before editing. Well, it's now been four years since I looked at it. For once I am following standard writing advice, if only accidentally.

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